Dirk Wynants of Belgium’s Extremis writes: “Translated from ancient Latin the word ‘Extremis’ means something like ‘out of the ordinary’ in the positive sense of pushing limits to the highest level. Since 1994, when I started my company, we have been forced to repect the meaning of this word. Extremis products are suitable to be used outdoors, and are able to cope with the most extreme weather conditions involving temperatures, moisture, and sunshine. Extremis designs are new, original and offer added value. Moreover, they cannot be compared to what already exists: in that sense they are extraordinary. On the other hand, Extremis designs ARE ordinary in the sense they they are made for everybody. They do not follow trends, but set them and hope to shape the face of the present, and inspire the future.” We at Positive Space are inspired by this philosophy, and hope we can follow suit.

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09/21 : Sixinch Releases Newly Designed Catalog   Sixinch has released a beautifully designed 2010/2011 catalog.   more >>

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07/02 : Emeco’s 111 Navy Chair The 111 Navy Chair is finally here.  Modeled after the original aluminum Navy chair, this piece is created with 111 recycled Coca Cola bottles.    more >>

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